TUT5415 - GB QV £5 Orange Rare MAIDSTONE Central CDS

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TUT5415 - GB QV £5 Orange Rare MAIDSTONE Central CDS
Great Britain - QV (surface printed), 1867-1883, SG137
QV Watermark Anchor white paper £5. Orange letters A-I, very fine approaching superb appearance deep colour well-centred example bearing superb well-defined central MAIDSTONE JA 10 (19)00 CDS. MAIDSTONE is a rare cancel upon the £5. (The £5. Orange Dr John Horsey 2013) Orange with only 7 examples recorded out of an analysis of 2,712 Used £5. Orange high value stamps (less than 3% cancelled in MAIDSTONE. A 75% well-centred lightly used £6,300= catalogue value premium example which typically may sell for up to £3,500= in superb condition, price tempered by single repaired perf fault N.E. plus barely visible pressed diagonal crease not afffecting appearance, consequently a potentially £2,000 replacement 'savings' start price £1,745= price-dropping. Note typically intense colour printing attributed to most late use £5. Orange examples. Magnificent Maidstone (1v.) (UPA CERTIFICATE)
Cat value £6300

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