TUT5401 - GB QEII (decimal) - STAR WARS Celebration Limited Edition

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TUT5401 - GB QEII (decimal) - STAR WARS Celebration Limited Edition
Great Britain - QEII (decimal), 2015-2016, SG3758-69M3770
STAR WARS: Celebration Limited Edition No. 0687 of 1500 - A true OFFICIAL Royal Mail Ltd./ Lucasfilm Limited fold-out Celebration (Pack) Edition produced to commemorate the Star Wars Celebration event in 2016. Comprising the complete Star Wars 2016 Set contains all 12 Official Star Wars Character Postage Stamps values featuring the likes of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Yoda and many more x 1st Class, plus the superbly detailed Miniature Sheet comprising a further 6 x 1st class iconic Star Wars 'vehicles' set against a dramatic spacescape with the fearsome Death Star backdrop. Includes three embossed dated 'Celebration Europe' postmarks set in the central section featuring BB-8, Storm Trooper & the Millenium Falcon designs. As you may imagine all a little over my head - however there's no denying the STAR WARS iconic appeal to both young and old(er) today. Given the Global appeal of the ever-popular enduring film franchise which even I enjoy watching, an individually numbered limited edition of just 1,500 is minute. Globally Star War memorabilia represents £ billions yet surprisingly this small numbered limited edition is absent most online searches. Further - although the stamps and souvenir sheet are affixed to the fold-out 'pack' they are still mint and totally legitimate as such and may still be attached to propel a package through the Royal Mail 'system' today. Presently listed as stamps and miniature sheets by Gibbons but not as STAR WARS Pack, 'inflation-linked' those x18 1st class stamps at 1st class £1.35 rate currently carry a total FACE VALUE £24.30 (and recently rising each year) The Official Price was just £47.50 we're starting at £45 less current price-drops. We don't handle a lot of 'modern' but sometimes Issues may be compelling. Worth trying on eBay? Extraordinary (1. Pack)

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