TUT5398 - GB QEII (decimal) - 12 Original Stamp Designs Collaboration

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TUT5398 - GB QEII (decimal) - 12 Original Stamp Designs Collaboration

Great Britain - QEII (decimal), 1995
Walsall Security Printers Ltd: Subtly printed presentation folder c.460mm x 205mm housing TWELVE Original Stamp Designs in sheet/panes format, representing Worldwide locations and printed on a Chesnut 150 Rotary Gravure Press, with the exception of Venice, and Tobacco Cay, printed on a Roland Favorit litho press. A collaboration between The Royal Mail, Walsall Security Printers Ltd., and the Royal College of Art. Attributes: Barry Robinson: Design Director, The Royal Mail. Geoff Higgins: Technical Director. Walsall Security Printers Limited. Artwork by the students of the Royal College of Art's Graphic Design and Illustration departments: Although obviously more may be extant, in 50 years I have never seen another. Designs named and attributed to specific students in the marginal selvedge, these are high quality extraordinary designs printed upon gummed and perforated stamp paper. We could find nothing on the internet, maybe you can do better, but we typed search terms using the specific printed wording above. ALL TWELVE mentioned sheets are present. Condition is very fine to superb. If all sheets comprise some 50 perforated stamp units we're looking at up to 600 'stamp' designs comprised within the 12 sheets. The more we think about it this appears to be an essay to impress by Walsall Security Printers Limited, cleverly produced in collaboration with the Royal Mail and the Students of the Royal College of Art's Graphic Design and Illustration departments specifically to impress the decision-makers of the Royal Mail to direct/increase their orders for stamps printed by Walsall. We found the date 1995 within one of the 12 sheets. Timing would appear to make sense as Walsall printed more in the ensuing period for the Royal Mail. Obviously these cannot be unique but how many were professionally produced to impress and apparently (witness the Bureau sellotape on the cardboard) the Philatelic Bureau distributed some(?) but not to collectors, and at £2 per 'stamp' or less what are these really worth - more ... or less than our original price-drop start price ? Treat Yourself for you may never see another. Magnificent (One Collection 12 Original design sheets + presentation folder protected by original Royal Mail taped card). (UPA CERTIFICATE)



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