TUT5345 - Jamaica - WAR STAMP: Who Needs a Holiday when they

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TUT5345 - Jamaica - WAR STAMP: Who Needs a Holiday when they

Jamaica, 1916-1920
WAR STAMP - Forget the Price because we have never seen such a wonderful array of these incredibly popular, moment in time, WAR STAMP overprints. With, at a quick count, in excess of 1,100 stamps, with multiples, positional pieces, plate numbers You don't have to look very far to winkle out those ever-popular varieties, many but not all listed by SG. Condition is way above what we would expect. There's a winter's worth of rainy-day study here (you'll need a ' x 10 ' illuminated magnifier and of course the indispensable SG 'Part 1' catalogue but we can tell you that plate blocks (even multiples) have started to take off in popularity in the past couple of years and how do we know ? Because plate number 'singles' and multiples are selling like hotcakes in our eBay UPA-Global-price-drop-shop-system (access via our UPA website) The strange thing is - take a look at your Gibbons (nickname 'Part 1') Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840-1970 Catalogue this is the Philatelic 'Bible' for British Commonwealth and Empire collectors Read the foreword, see where plate numbers are mentioned as having little value - then look around you will see these SELL. You're out of touch on this one Guys - SG need to revise this part of their otherwise excellent guide. Reverting to form - how many varieties does it take to cover the cost of this lot and what collector needs a holiday when they can have the equivalent of a 'Busman's Holiday'?! Jamaica, One to Study: WAR STAMPS Original Collection 1,100+ (Stockbook)


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