TUT5317 - New Zealand Port Levy -Isle of Man cover

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TUT5317 - New Zealand Port Levy -Isle of Man cover
New Zealand, 1862
A RARE original miniature cover: 1862 Imperf (or more likely cut perforated 2d. Pale blue chalon showing trace of perforation S.E. edge corner), worn printing tied to original small unfolded cover posted New Zealand OCT 13 1862 to Castletown Isle of Man - an unusual destination - arrived London 2 months later JAN 18 1863 - Liverpool backstamp JAN 19 1863 - finally Castletown IOM JAN 20 1863. Reverse ink manuscript PORT LEVY (New Zealand) October 11th. Opened, no content, some wear but RARE. We're not attributing identification because the adhesive is simply what it is. Wikipedia states Port Levy is a long, sheltered bay and settlement on Banks Peninsula in Canterbury, South Island New Zealand. The current population is under 100, but in the mid-19th century it was the largest Maori settlement in Canterbury with a population of about 400 people (and this cover comes from that Maori populated period. History. Fascinating (1. cover) (UPA CERTIFICATE)

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