TUT5173 - GB QV 1840 1d Black PL1a

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TUT5173 - GB QV 1840 1d Black PL1a
Great Britain - QV (line engraved), 1840, SG2 PL1a
QV 1d. Black plate 1a (mark through 'OS' of 'POSTAGE'), letters S-I, stunning appearance four good/even margins expertly repaired RHS, well-cancelled by delightful rare defined brown maltese cross consequently offered 50% under-priced (colour MX not guaranteed, subject RPS Certificate). Mild plate wear toward base. Super appearance £300 appearance example and with/if a brown maltese cross SG Specialised Catalogue Value £3,000=. Cracking. Potent (1v.) (UPA CERTIFICATE)
Cat value £450

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