TUT4377 - GB QV 1d. Black PL6 State 2 1st Repair VFU

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TUT4377 - GB QV 1d. Black PL6 State 2 1st Repair VFU
Great Britain - QV (line engraved), 1840, SG2 PL6 2ndSt
QV It seems somewhat wrong that this 2nd state 1st Repair 1d. Black plate 6 matching corner letters T-B should be offered separately from the preceeding 1st state plate 6 letters T-B 1d. Black with red maltese cross - this matching example being virtual socked on the nose by black maltese cross. Similarly cancelled slightly N. with clear corner letters and value, well-matched fine impression example showing a trace more plate wear, excellent margins example showing frame-lines strengthened or re-cut. Exceptional, the 2nd state 1st repair being scarce and desirable catalogued £650= SG Specialised. Hopefully a collector will reassemble this letters T-B Plate 6 pair with matching position red and black maltese crosses and 1st and 2nd state. Even margins, similarly mis-positioned S.E. small crown wmk when viewed from reverse. Exceptional (UPA CERTIFICATE)
Cat value £650

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