TUT4275 - GB QV 1840 2d. Blue - Rare Shade Variant

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TUT4275 - GB QV 1840 2d. Blue - Rare Shade Variant
Great Britain - QV (line engraved), 1840, SG4 PL2
Massive margins letters L-A 1st stamp in the 'L' row plate 2 2d. Jaw-Dropping 'Violet-blue' type shade. If you love astonishing stamps then this is for you - because the margins are typical of a 100%+ premium value 2d. Blue - but wait - there's more - look at the oblique positioned black maltese cross - it's full, clear corner letters too yes there's something hard to put your finger on - but restraining price yes - there's a hint of paper undulation - perhaps a light horizontal paper crease, almost a light bend. Certainly this does not affect the appearance - but this astonishing violet-blue type shade example is on plate 2 (not plate 1) and finally something intuitive says this example may be expertly repaired but who cares - because price-apart I don't believe I have ever encountered a more interesting premium £2,500 retail appearance 2d. Blue in 50 years full-time philately. One to treasure. Fabulous shade. This stamp has it all. Enigmatic (UPA CERTIFICATE)
Cat value £1200

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