TUT4238 - GB QV Entire 1843 Exhibition Std London Nr.6

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TUT4238 - GB QV Entire 1843 Exhibition Std London Nr.6
Great Britain - QV (line engraved), 1843, SG8m No.6
JULY 6 1843 Cancelled MATLOCK BATH receiving CDS cancel upon superb Exhibition standard LONDON Number 6 maltese cross upon perfect massive even-marginned 1d. Red-brown letters C-K (stated Plate 33 - unconfirmed), the whole upon fascinating 3 letter page entire posted Butts Hotel Holborn 4th July 1843 mentioning 'floating debt, liquidation' and Mr. C. Arkwright. Could this allude to the Arkwright Mill nearby at Cromford Matlock Bath - one of the 1st water mills, today a World Heritage Site? Perhaps a 'bridge too far' but nevertheless fascinating to mull over - Wonderful entire - for you will not find a better combination of massive margin LONDON Nr.6 maltese cross entire. SG Specialised catalogue value on cover £1,600=. Research-worthy. Exhibition standard. Conjecture (UPA CERTIFICATE)
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