TUT3980 - GB QV 1d. Grey-Black PL1a Worn plate LUXUS

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TUT3980 - GB QV 1d. Grey-Black PL1a Worn plate LUXUS
Great Britain - QV (line engraved), 1840, SG3 PL1a
QV 1d. Grey-black PL1a letters J-I worn plate: Probably only once in 10,000 times does such perfection emerge remaining consistent, unspoilt and true some 182 years later. Fresh genuine postally used this example must simply have popped off the document still retains part original gum, small hinge trace superb 'broadwalk' margins showing trace adjoining 1d. Black to base. Vibrant colour yet worn plate cancelled by perfectly positioned clear corner letters red-brown maltese cross. Tiny hinge remnant, no attempt should ever be made to remove. Guaranteed flawless. Utterly magnificent, just look at the worn printing contrast to colour and impression. Catalogued £500 as normal 1d. Grey-black worn plate we have seen similar calibre realise £1,200= Take a look around, you won't find better. LUXUS (UPA CERTIFICATE)

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