TUT3475 - GB - I. R. OFFICIAL 1s.dull green F-VFU Wenvo


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TUT3475 - GB - I. R. OFFICIAL 1s.dull green F-VFU Wenvo
Great Britain - Officials, 1889, SGO15
I. R. OFFICIAL 'Jubilee' 1s. Dull green, super colour well-centred part oval REGISTERED MANCHESTER 9 SP 01 date stamp, trace reverse paper fibre adhesions doubtless account for the fine original colour, because this stamp cannot have been soaked - the colour being fugitive. Scarce original colour plus Wenvoe Certificate 2022: [Wenvoe is the official OFFICIALS Expert body, powering certificates of British Departmental OFFICIALS issued/ endorsed by all three UK expertising bodies Royal Philatelic Society London RPSL, British Philatelic Association BPA, and Brandon Expert Committee. Wenvoe now issue their own more modest cost colour photo-certificates, thereby breaking with tradition permitting UPA to offer lower value OFFICIALS accompanied by Wenvoe Certificates of authenticity. Because certificates from the leading Expert Committees generally cost £50 upwards each lower value OFFICIALS rarely come with certificates of authenticity by THE recognised expert body, until now, that is]
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