TUT2912 - GB - QV Plate XI Matched 4 margin 1d Black & red

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TUT2912 - GB - QV Plate XI Matched 4 margin 1d Black & red
Great Britain - QV (line engraved), 1840-1841, SG3 & 7 PL XI
QV 1d. Grey-black Plate XI letters F-F, fine used 1d. Grey-black from plate XI with 4 fine margins, cancelled by fine black maltese cross clear of Queen's profile, accompanied by clear 1968 yellow 'genuine in all respects' BPA photo-certificate signed by famous philatelic expert signatories Fred Twining and Peter Holcombe. The Plate XI matched with good example of Plate XI 1d. Red with large margins and of fine appearance, also cancelled by socked on the nose black maltese cross. Both stamps clearly show "7 o'clock ray flaw N.E. square", additionally however, both stamps bear matching (unlisted by Nissen) dot in upper margin to right of N.W. square - a very significant positional marking, being so perfectly co-relating between 'black' and 'red'. Click around to see how few 4 margin plate XI 1d. Blacks are on the market, let alone with genuine Expert Committee photo-certificates. RARE
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