TUT2909 - GB - QV Genuine Mulready 2d envelope used 2015

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TUT2909 - GB - QV Genuine Mulready 2d envelope used 2015
Great Britain - QV (Mulreadys), 1840/2015, SGME4
The General Post Office issued the pre-printed and denominated Mulready postal stationery envelope in combination with the issue of the 1d. Black and 2d. Blue on May 6th 1840. Whilst the 1d. Black and 2d. Blue were a runaway success from the word go, the Mulready envelopes initially proved unpopular. A small quantity of original (now) 181 year old unused 2d. Mulready envelopes were sourced by Buckingham covers in 2015 to celebrate the 175th Anniversary issue of the 1st one penny black and 1st two penny blue. An almost unique opportunity for this pairing of ancient and modern, we do not know how many were sourced but it cannot be many because after 175 years there are no significant quantities extant. This 2d. Mulready envelope is in remarkably fine condition with minimal signs of aging, other than a ragged reverse flap which is not required to display. Bearing the 2 x 1st class celebratory stamps 175 years later appropriately cancelled 6th May Bath Somerset - The first posting of a stamp (Penny Black) was from Bath in 1840. Buckingham's original selling price in 2015 for this genuine original 1840 2d. Mulready envelope and 2015 1st day of issue pairing was not unreasonable at £300 bearing in mind that an unused 2d. Mulready envelope catalogues £450. If you are looking on-line for a selling price today, this does not appear to be easy to find but a great way to celebrate an equally important moment in the history of communication as the internet of today Buckingham's original advertisement accompanies (UPA CERTIFICATE)
Cat value £450

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