TUT2752 - General - British Empire - Stanley Gibbons New Imperial Albums. CLICK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION

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TUT2752 - General - British Empire - Stanley Gibbons New Imperial Albums. CLICK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION

General - British Empire : Rarely, in fact hardly ever have we offered (or seen offered) a well-filled, approximately 2/3rds full pair of approaching pristine condition Stanley Gibbons New Imperial Albums in Red British Empire map colour. Remember school days when our British Empire maps were printed in red. The original collector obligingly advises that he purchased new this SG reprinted pair of New Imperial albums in year 2000, and has been filling them ever since - now comprising some c.3,000 different mint, and a further c.7,300 used classic period stamps. Now is the time for his family to benefit by their sale, which is why it is hoped that by offering intact, another collector may wish to take up the mantle and continue this monumental work. Most 'Imperials' well-filled could cost up to a quarter of the collector stated total catalogue value of circa £215,000 SG catalogue value - BUT, making allowance for areas such as Transvaal reprints, miss-identified/incorrectly allocated stamps, we feel that an allowance of 20% should be made for such anomalies, which brings the collection down towards a more appropriate £170,000= total SG catalogue value. Still, an enormous sum. The collection may be rendered further affordable by making due-allowance for condition. In consideration of this information, now may be appropriate time to 'turn' the pages of this astonishingly well-filled collection - please review all 475 different images. You may note that the albums 'bulge' a little? This is because, at this stage the collector has not removed the perforated 'spacer' pages that SG deploys to allow for 'expansion'. Typically, one would expect to purchase classics according to condition in such a large and valuable collection at a discounted value. We would expect to estimate such a collection in our auction at GBP £30,000=, perhaps more if 'broken'. For a quick sale (even though the collection may be purchased in 4 equal monthly instalments and delivered after final payment) we are starting this remarkable collection upon its TUT 'price-drop' journey at a very attractive price for a collector wishing to take up the mantle and the challenge Delivered FREE, insured Internationally. Please review all 475 different images Please be aware that for the client with the appropriate budget this collection can only experience a limited price-drop journey, so earlier participation may prove practical to secure
Cat value £175000

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