TUT2614 - GB - Guernsey - WWII Occupation Complete M Sheets. CLICK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION

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TUT2614 - GB - Guernsey - WWII Occupation Complete M Sheets. CLICK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION

Great Britain - Channel Islands - Guernsey : It is hardly surprising the numbers of collectors collecting World War II Occupation issues with which we still identify today, and there are few more popular than those of the Channel Islands, in particular Guernsey, of which there were far more printings by the Guernsey Press Co Ltd. than those few of Jersey (presumably because Jersey issued the 1943-44 'Views' set. Imagine how difficult 80 years later it would be to collect the entire Guernsey set of 33 different printings ALL in complete (unmounted mint) sheets of 60 stamps (6 x 10) of all denominations, including ALL shades listed by SG with scarce shades ½d bluish green £35 x 60, ½d bright green £25 x 60, the key ½d olive-green £45 x 60, Banknote ½d bright green/bluish £32 x 60, Banknote 1d scarlet/bluish £18 x 60, 2½d ultramarine shades x 4 printings, all in complete sheets, full selvedge, super colours and minimal faults? We searched on-line and could find absolutely nothing comparable. Truly this collection is an incredible feat of philatelic collecting taking some more than 30 painstaking philatelic years to complete, and identify by the all important marginal imprints, in my opinion as the years roll by, an unrepeatable philatelic feat of archival significance, yet still, (and I cannot imagine otherwise) that this be the only set in private hands. It would be an interesting exercise to contact the Guernsey Post Office/Museum of WarTime Occupation to see if they possess another such set. When I started in the stamp trade aged 18 in the early 1970's - even then, C Is. Occupation issues were incredibly popular, aged 22 I travelled to Alderney via Eastleigh Airport (Southampton), in an exceptionally noisy 'prop' plane, to collect ex Conservative MP Bill Baker's C Is. Stock including one of the largest accumulation of Occupation issues - even then, in the mid 1970's complete sheets were rare, because they were more valuable broken up into singles, such was the demand, (German Michel Catalog listed) which even came from dealers in Germany. A RARE collection of national importance commanding an SG total catalogue value of £18,000 = as single stamps only, absent sheet rarity premium or archival completion value, BUT for which we would suggest a minimum 100% uplift of catalogue value to £36,000 would be more appropriate. Even this may be insufficient. Includes one CTO cancelled sheet. 33 complete sheets, view all 36 images. Unrepeatable. Utterly Unique, upon which foundation the collection could be expanded to include Jersey, bisects and rare postal history (2 Volumes). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS SHIPPING SURCHARGE APPLIES
Cat value £18000

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